Rachel Rhodes is a French-American composer, songwriter, and recording artist. Originally from Austin, Texas, she began playing bass and singing professionally in her teens at such legendary establishments as Threadgill’s, The Waterloo Icehouse, La Zona Rosa, and Cactus Café.

With six self-produced releases under her belt, Rhodes’ solo music is informed by a love of improvisation and beat-making, and inspired as much by film scores and opera as avant-funk, fusion, and trip-hop.

"Each track is a different place, with a different texture and color. This is creative energy that begets creative energy" -Zachary Dillon, on Lighter Later. 

For her latest solo effort, Blue Boxes, Rhodes used an Organelle M (Critter & Guitari) through a variety of blue guitar pedals. Her daily sound explorations became an accidental meditation on the grief of losing her father to a stroke in late January 2021.

These songs are to be felt even beyond being listened to” - Blooming Prejippie, Drive-By Review of Blue Boxes (April 30, 2021).

Work has begun on her next solo album, Dusk, due in early 2022.

"Rachel Rhodes defeats the paradigm with an evolved bass philosophy" - Bass Player Magazine ​​​​​​.

An Elrick Artist, Rachel plays a custom Elrick Gold Series 6-string fretless bass and a custom Elrick Gold Series 8-string fretted bass.